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Risk Assesments & Method Statements

Please find below downloadable PDF’s for all required Risk Assessments & Method Statements.

Please left click on anyBlue Download Linkto download that file.

Vacuum Cleaning (001)

Dusting,Damp Dusting,Washing and Polish Application (002)

Toilet and Urinal Cleaning (003)

Washroom area cleaning (004)

Single Solution Mopping (005)

Spray Cleaning (006)

Strip,Dry and Reapply emuksion polish (007)

Buffing (008)

Scubbing and Dry with a Battery power scrubber Dryer (009)

Machine Scrubbing Drying without the use of acombined scrubber/Dryer (010)

Dust control Mopping (011)

Wall Washing-manual up to hand height (012)

Cleaning Internal Glass Panels (013)

Stain/Chewing gum Removel (014)

Escalator Cleaning (015)

Lift Cleaning (016)

Emptying Rubbish Bins in Buildings (017)

Moving Furniture (018)

Cosmetic Cleaning of Refrigeration Unit (019)

Refrigerator Cool cabinet and Freezer Cleaning (020)

Spillage and Breakage Clearance (021)

Suction cleaning using battery operated portable vacuum cleaners (022)

Buffing using a battery Operated buffing machine (023)

Mechanical Sweeping using a battery powered sweeping machine (024)

Removal of sharps (025)

Cleaning Stairs (026)